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What is IT Consulting?

What Is IT Consulting?

We’ll begin by defining IT consulting. To understand the duties of an IT consultant, you only have to think about the project role of a consultant in general. A consultant is someone trained in giving advice in career sectors of all sorts. Thus, you can expect your IT consultant to be a pro in all things computer technology.

Besides being referred to as IT consulting, a firm that offers this service may also call it technology consulting, computing consulting, business and technology services, or computer consultancy.

As we touched on in the intro, the job of your IT consulting expert or team is to help your company succeed in your tech goals through the consultant’s expert advice and coaching. The consultant will listen to your current tech concerns and then craft a solution that’s workable for your unique issue.

The consultant will give you a timeframe for when they expect the work to be done as well as a quote upfront. Should you proceed, you’ll work with your IT consultant pro or team to formulate, execute, and evaluate your plan of attack. Only once your issue is solved should the project be considered over.

Depending on the firm offering the service, IT consulting can be a multi-pronged methodology involving several teams or professionals. You may work only with IT security consultants if your company’s issue pertains to data security or other areas of protecting proprietary data. 

What is the difference between IT Consulting and IT Services?

When you sit down with an IT consultant, it’s for the purposes of creating or upgrading your company’s tech strategy. You’ll have a short-term or long-term plan with many elements that must be achieved, and your IT consultant will work with you until you check off every last one of your boxes. 

Compare that to IT services. These services can be about creating a strategy, especially when you use IT consulting in the realm of IT services, but not all the time. For the most part, when you train your staff on a new software, that’s not really part of an overarching strategy. It’s mostly so your employees can continue to work productively.

That’s not to say IT services aren’t involved in IT consulting as part of your strategy, as that can most certainly happen. Data security measures and cloud computing are two areas where that’s especially true. Just as easily though, if you need helpdesk assistance because your computer’s Wi-Fi is down, that’s an IT service and not really considered part of a strategy. As you can see then, it can go both ways. 

"When Do I Need IT Consulting vs. IT Services?"

When You Need IT Consulting

If the following issues are ones that befall your company, then IT consulting may be best for you.

  • You have a hard time envisioning tech project steps as well as accurately predicting their timelines 
  • You want to outsource IT services, but you have no idea how and where to start
  • You need more expertise than what you’ve gotten through IT services
  • You want the guidance of a professional who can create tech-related solutions 
  • You need recommendations for which hardware and software to use 

You want to ensure the IT consulting individual or team you choose to work with possesses the requisite skills to excel at the job. These skills include knowledge of technical languages, business management skills, advisory language abilities, communication skills, and technical abilities. 

When You Need IT Services

If these issues are affecting your company’s day-to-day operations, you’ll want to look into IT services.

  • When a new operating system is coming out and you want to train all your staff at the same time on how it works
  • When your company will soon introduce new software or hardware and you need training and troubleshooting
  • When you want to make a big companywide tech change, such as switching to the cloud 
  • When you need to make your network more secure
  • When your printers and related equipment malfunction or act up sporadically 
What is IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing is the strategic use of external IT resources to handle the tasks that are traditionally handled by internal resources or the staff. In different words “IT outsourcing” is the use of external service providers (external IT company or a freelancer) to effectively deliver IT-related business process, application service and infrastructure solutions for business outcomes. Simple example of IT Outsourcing: “Company A” orders development of the corporate website or mobile application from external “Company B” (an IT Outsourcing provider).

What is it like to work with an IT Consultancy?

IT Consultancy Is More About Building Relationships

The last area in which IT consultants and IT services differ is in their level of relationship building. 

An IT consultant must establish a good working relationship with you, the client. This bond should be cordial and warm, as you need a positive rapport with your consultant. After all, they want to be the person you call when you have a tech question or concern, not a third-party IT services pro. 

If the relationship between you and the consultant is rocky, then not only will you not want to reach out to them when you need help, but you’ll discount the help they try to give. As things continue to sour, you’ll wonder why you hired the consultant in the first place. You may just discontinue using their services.

That’s not to say that IT services don’t involve building professional relationships, as they can. If you have one trusted IT pro at your company or a small team you rely on, then you of course want to be able to trust in them with all your tech problems. You’ll also expect that they’ll be available when you most need them.

However, IT services don’t depend on building relationships to the extent that IT consultants do. 

"How do I select the best IT Consultancy for my company?"

Choosing the right IT consultant can be difficult because it’s often difficult to distinguish between different consultants. So, instead of trying to find the right consultant, why not look for a reputable IT consulting company? 4D IT Solutions, Inc,  is an experienced IT consulting company and Managed Service Provider (MSP) with credentialed and trained consultants and we can provide the right resource to match your new project requirements.

What are the benefits of working with an IT Consultancy?

As an IT Solutions Architect, 4D IT Solutions can manage your project from start to finish and also offer maintenance and support to provide incredible long-term value.

Information Technology is a rapidly-changing and complicated landscape, which is often best left for experts. If consultants never delivered on their promises, they would be out of business, so it’s important to partner with a reputable consultant with a proven track record.

What has earned 4D IT Solutions, Inc, so many happy clients?

Having an IT department can be great when you need the printer fixed right away, but that same person likely won’t have, for example, the cloud solutions experience to help reduce on-site infrastructure and operational expenses. The benefit of IT consulting services is that an experienced IT consultant likely has completed several previous projects similar to your current situation. Knowing that your business is being guided by an industry expert can give both peace of mind and increase the likelihood of success.

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