Trusted Expert Consulting and IT Solutions Architecture for Ensuring Speed, Agility, and Efficiency of Your In-House Tech Support Teams


What We Do

IT Solutions Architecture

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  • Lead brainstorming sessions to develop potential solutions for business needs or problems.
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements.
  • Prepare and document testing requirements.
  • Identify areas where IT can support business needs and goals.
  • Work with business units to develop IT strategies and to improve current IT implementations.
  • Build and migrate software and services across the organization.
  • Work with product and delivery teams to develop scalable solutions and products.
  • Communicate and consult with clients and internal stakeholders to develop appropriate solutions.

Cloud Consulting

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Cloud Consultanting especially working with computer cloud systems. They can analyze that data to determine which cloud solution would best meet the client’s needs so that they make direction based on their analysis.

It is developing an actionable cloud strategy and roadmap that strikes the correct balance between efficiency, innovation, and security. Cloud Consulting helps you to understand how cloud and automation can get your business goals.

Team Consulting

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4D IT Solutions helps drive strategic IT initiatives that deliver innovation, agility, and competitive advantage. We help you execute your organization’s critical business strategies through our full lifecycle solutions and highly skilled technical teams.

The 4D IT Solutions Difference: After seeking to learn and understand how you operate using IT, we identify areas of inefficiencies and where you can make improvements.  We consult with your executive leadership and IT director to share the IT Solutions Architecture, the blueprint for your high-efficiency Tech Team.  With previous system friction points removed, such a tech transformation yields new levels of profitability and sustainability no matter what industry you’re in.




Maximize your business performance by leveraging technology, guided by your own goal-focused Dallas-based IT Consultants.


“Our own IT Consultants?”

Yes, through one-on-one team interaction, we seek to understand your goals.  Your new IT blueprint will complement and accelerate implementation of your goals, business processes, and current information systems capabilities. In essence, we become a part of your team from the moment you officially engage 4D IT Solutions.


“What else can I expect?”

Your profitability increases as we DECREASE your IT expenses.  This is accomplished by providing a clear path of what technologies should be implemented and how to maximize their functions.


“Why 4D IT Solutions?”

Gain the next-level competitive edge with the same expertise and proven track record that hundreds of other various companies have trusted by partnering with 4D IT Solutions. 

Imagine your business is a boat.  As many would have it, whether you like to go fast or slow, jet boat or cruise style, everyone would like to also have a smooth ride.  The wrong IT plan may knock you overboard.  The right one will help you enjoy the ride into the horizon.  


What People Are Saying

The team at 4D IT is hands down the best I have ever worked with. Excellent customer service and quick response time as well! 4D IT runs an extremely tight ship with surgical precision. They told us that they are solutions architects; which, didn’t mean much to us at first until we saw what that entailed. They sat down with our executive leadership initially and IT director, sought to learn and understand how we operate using IT and with that, identified areas of inefficiencies and where we could make improvements. One of the things I enjoyed the most was the fact that in the process of learning our business processes, they identified multiple devices in our server room that previous IT providers had said that we NEEDED, and paid an arm and a leg for. The folks at 4D IT were able to have us not only remove these unnecessary and overpriced networking/server equipment, they were able to dramatically reduce our monthly and quarterly overhead by thousands of dollars.

Brian B.

With the new HIPAA Omnibus rules, our office was at a lost and very confused. 4D IT Solutions took the pain out of HIPAA compliance by addressing and mitigating all of our network and related hardware compliance issues. I was throughly impressed at their detailed understanding and knowledge of HIPAA. Not only did they bring our network into compliance but they were able to perform and walk us through a successful Risk Assessment.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Raleigh, NC

Your service and expertise have been great! I’ve worked with many IT groups, and I’m very pleased with your group! We could not find an x-ray; 4D’s tech helped the IDEXX guy find it. Also, I was unable to search in Outlook and your tech fixed that issue as well.

Karen S.

Dallas, TX, Veterinary Clinic

4DIT Solutions has blown my companies IT infrastructure expectations out of the water. 4DIT came in, setup new servers, gave incredible one on one solution architecture and spoke a language that my entire staff understood. Customer service and response time is phenomenal. Highly recommend.

Luke B.